What are digital Cultures?

The term “di­gi­tal cul­tu­res” is all-en­com­pas­sing and at the same time va­gue. The re­se­arch in­ter­views se­ries QUES­TI­ONS of the Di­gi­tal Cul­tu­res Re­se­arch Lab (DCRL) is as­king scholars as well as prac­ti­tio­ners in va­rious fiel­ds to fur­ther de­fi­ne the no­ti­on and its im­pli­ca­ti­ons. » more

The Postdigital Scholar Conference
Publishing between Open Access,
Piracy and Public Spheres

In November 2014, pu­blis­hers, re­se­ar­chers, pro­gramm­ers, de­si­gners, ar­tists, and en­tre­pre­neurs will dis­cuss in Lüneburg how re­se­arch and pu­blis­hing in the hu­ma­nities has chan­ged over the past de­ca­de. » more

New Publication: “Rethinking Gamification”

The Gamification Lab’s new book by is out now. It was published by meson press, the new open access publisher for digital cultures and networked media, run by the Hybrid Publishing Lab. » more

Video Vortex9: Re:assemblies of video,
Volume I: Beyond the Timeline

Hy­brid vi­deo re­a­der do­cu­men­ting the 9th edi­ti­on of Vi­deo Vor­tex. » more