What are digital Cultures?

The term “di­gi­tal cul­tu­res” is all-en­com­pas­sing and at the same time va­gue. The in­ter­view se­ries QUES­TI­ONS of the Di­gi­tal Cul­tu­res Re­se­arch Lab (DCRL) is as­king re­se­ar­chers as well as prac­ti­tio­ners in va­rious fiel­ds to fur­ther de­fi­ne the no­ti­on and its im­pli­ca­ti­ons. » more

Data and Technics

A Digital Cultures Research Lab workshop with Fran­ce­sca Bria, Ele­na Es­po­si­to, Ber­nard Geo­g­he­gan, Scott Lash, Mau­ri­zio Laz­zara­to, Tho­mas Ma­cho and Ber­nard Stieg­ler » more

Medienfreiheit und Public Value im Internet

Ex­per­ten aus Wis­sen­schaft, Me­di­en, Po­li­tik und Zi­vil­ge­sell­schaft diskutieren am 16. Mai in Lüneburg die Zukunft des gesellschaftlichen Medienauftrags » mehr

Video Vortex9: Re:assemblies of video,
Volume I: Beyond the Timeline

Hy­brid vi­deo re­a­der do­cu­men­ting the 9th edi­ti­on of Vi­deo Vor­tex. » more